Medialog media marketing agency in today's form has been operating since 2011. The tenth anniversary milestone is being celebrated by launching a refreshed corporate identity, this new website and strengthening the strategic digital media buy department.

The company's mission is based on establishing and sustaining high quality long-term business relationships with you, our clients. We wish to offer you a great service in the area of media buy, digital marketing and marketing counseling. Our competitive advantages are excellent knowledge of the media ecosystem in Slovenia and wider, decades of professional experiences from our team members and the capacity of thinking out of the box when planning a campaign. Together with our existing and new client portfolio we will follow the trends of sustainable, effective and user-friendly advertising practices.

We are people, who work with people, for people. We add elements of valor and break down walls between you and us; the contractor. As an extended arm of you or your marketing department we more effectively reach and exceed set goals. #Medialog

I have been in the advertising business for the past 20 years. I love my job, because I believe in results of what I do.


The right selection of media and successful media mix setup can make or break an advertising campaign.

Strategic Media Planner

We are on the brink of a new digital revolution, which is proposing numerous changes and surmountable challenges.

Digital Media Director

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Medialog d.o.o.

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Tamara Slapar, CEO


Bojana Kramer, Strategic Media Planner


Jure Kumljanc, Digital Media Director