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Ad World 2021 Conference

The biggest online advertising event in the world.

Ad World is the biggest online advertising event in the world, which is organized by the VCEGH Limited Company. We took part as participants at the May 2021 event edition to satisfy our thirst for current digital revolution information and data; we came out satisfied and full of motivation.

The online conference took place between May 3 and 5, 2021. Individual tracks were divided between three virtual stages simultaneously. Each stage represented interesting content from specific areas (SEO/SEM, Advertising 101, Design for Growth, Media Buying etc.), which were able to review even 5 weeks after the event. Amongst speakers Seth Godin, Ezra Firestone, Natasha Takahashi, Tom Breeze and Jan Roos stood out for their showstopping performances. 53,000 participants or 4,163 companies from 166 countries attended the event. It was our great pleasure to be a part of this global exchange of expertise and we are already looking forward to use that valuable information with all of our clients.

The next event edition will take place between October 27 and 29, 2021 and you can book your Ad World tickets already today. #MedialogRecommends

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DIMAQ Professional Training

Jure Kumljanc, Medialog's Digital Media Director, attended the DIMAQ Professional Training in March 2021.

At the Medialog agency we are constantly educating ourselves by attending various training sessions, online conferences and seminars. As the IAB Slovenija members we have access to a vast library of knowledge and advertising expertise. In March 2021 we included our Digital Media Director in the DIMAQ Professional Training.

The 14th DIMAQ Academy took place between March 6 and April 9, 2021, this time around virtually. As stated by the IAB Slovenija, »DIMAQ is the only recognizable standard of digital marketing industry, which certifies knowledge and skills in that area«. Jure was one of the 11 academy participants, which lasted for 13 days. Educational modules covered various marketing areas from the basics of digital marketing, strategic planning and management to programmatic media buy, online marketing legislation and social media. »When one is sure he can navigate through troubling seas of digital marketing, DIMAQ puts a blindfold over his eyes, spins him couple of times and sends him along the way of searching for marketing successes,« said Jure.